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May 3, 2013
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It was already evening in the town. Today was Sunday, a day where most people don't have work - but that's not you. You worked in the library in Brooks-burg, England.
You had argued the fact that people would want to read on their day off, but truly you didn't believe that you just wanted the peace and feeling of an empty library with thousands of books to read.
You loved working on Sundays; you seemed to have read at least half of the library. You've recently been reading a book that you know well, it was about an earl from fifty years ago, that disappeared suddenly. His name was Earl Ciel Phantomhive. It told that he left after having a last dance with his fiancée Elizabeth Midford. Some people believed that he had ordered his butler to hide his body then shot himself, others had said he left with his butler to an unknown land. Both, at least to you, seemed very unlikely.
Yes, Ciel Phantomhive had an extremely hard childhood with his parents being murdered, but in photos he had looked like he was determined to live. You knew he was stronger then most thirteen year old boys.
This was probably around the third time you've read this book. You flipped through the pages and you had caught a few words. It shocked you that they read

"Ciel Phantomhive's Butler is a Demon from Hell." You had to be imagining this! You thought that this probably was a coincidence. So you tried it again, different words caught your eye this time though they weren't reassuring. It said "Demons, Reapers, and Angels" this time.
There was a book that had the same title. You rushed to find it. Once you found it you had noticed a page stuck to the cover. Going to your desk you picked up a rag and a cup of water and gently dabbed the paper. When it fell off you discovered it wasn't a page from the book at all but it was a letter with a seal. You carefully broke the seal and read.

"I’m willing to leave all of this information to whoever finds this letter first.
I believe I have found evidence that Lord Ciel Phantomhive's butler, Sebastian Michealis, is a demon. The eye patch worn by Phantomhive is to cover up a marking on his eye. The marking is the same design as a Demon's crest. It is used as a contract with Sebastian. I don't know why Sebastian would settle for the soul-"

You looked up as the bell to the front door rung. "Hello?"
You heard a young voice call from your desk. You quickly hid the book and went to the counter.
There stood a young thirteen year old boy with deep blue eyes and grey-blue hair, and with him, a tall man with sleek black hair. You smiled sweetly "How may I help you two gentlemen?"

The man spoke first.
"Miss, me and my ma-- Son would like to buy two books from you. The books are called "The Lost Earl, Ciel Phantomhive" and "Demons, Reapers, and Angels""

Once he finished the Boy chipped in.
"No price is much."

You smiled and nodded "I have the Phantomhive book but I'm afraid we have lost the Demons, Reapers, and Angels book."
You went behind your desk to where the book was.
You caught the boy’s anger when he saw that you had the book.

When you handed the book to the man he smiled and thanked you. "Sir, that book is the original, it's quite expensive..." You trailed off. The man looked back and handed you the exact price it was. You looked at him surprised, how did he know the exact price? The man looked at you in a way you've never been looked at before and he simply asked "Ma'am, are you alright?"

You nodded "Yes, please call me [name] though."

"Okay, Miss [name], My name is Sebastian."

You looked down at the boy, he was standing there impatiently. "Lets go."
Then they left. And now the image of Sebastian was stuck with you the rest of the day.

~Sebastian’s POV

Sebastian left with his memory clouded. He was starting to hate this feeling; he knew he was falling for you, how could he have fallen for a mere human? He was a demon, it wasn't possible.
But it was still happening. He turned around, ignoring Ciel's yelling, and went back to the library. You where there reading a book, he silently walked towards the door.

~Your POV

You where reading a different book now, you knew if the two men were going to return you'd be in big trouble or lying about the book. You still had Sebastian stuck in your mind though. With his beautiful, unique red eyes and that deep voice of his.

You gasped when you felt lips fall into yours, you immediately slapped the face. There was a chuckle. "I see, a lady like you must have a strong will..." The man was well muscled and looked like he always got what he wanted, and today that was you.

You screamed, he held you down though. Tears were falling as you felt his fingers streak through your [hair length, hair color] locks. "Please stop!" You screamed again but he smirked.

You closed your eyes tightly; right now you wish that Sebastian was here. You blinked open and saw the man fly across the room. "What the hell?!"

You looked at the shadowy figure coming towards you "I apologize for doing this sir, but I believe that is not the right way to treat a lady."
Your hero was no other then Sebastian himself.
He walked up to the bookshelf the nearest to the man and tapped it. The bookshelf fell on top the man and barely missed anywhere that would cause him to get injured.
He quickly left the library, obviously traumatized.

Sebastian came to you and helped you up. He gave a gentle kiss to your hand. "[name] A real gentleman like me would never do such things."

You started to blush, what was this person? Your heart beating fast..
I got done with the story! :D
corrections by :iconfanartfangirl: :3
Part 2 is cancelled, I'm really sorry...
It's my first Black Butler x reader too >:3
I do not own Black Butler, sebastian, the cover photo, you.
I do own the story/plot
My group - :iconreaderinsertuniverse:
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