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November 4, 2012
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“___________!” Glancing up you saw Edward, your only friend. “Hey…” you mumbled as you dug deeper into your jacket. Sadly you were trying to hide the scars your mother had made. “Come on, I want to show you something!” he said happily taking your hand and dragging you to his house. “Oh hello ___________” Said Ed’s mom as you walked through the door. “Hello Mrs. Elric” You greeted politely. Then Ed took your hand, once more and brought you to the basement, where you saw Alphonse. “Hi Alphonse” you said in a whisper. He greeted you then Ed told you to stand by the wall, so you did. He and Al bent down by some circle thing; they called it a transmutation circle, in the center of the room. Moments later it started to glow then a doll lay in the center. Ed grabbed it and walked over to you “Here!” he said with a smile. Unsure what to do, you poked it. It seemed safe at least. Then you decided to grab it. It was… soft like Ed’s hand. Overcome with happiness you hugged Ed in the tightest hug you could manage. And then the tears came.

That was years ago. Now you had to many scars to count and no friends. Ed had moved on after his mother’s death, and last you heard he was a state alchemist under the name ‘Fullmetal.’ “___________ get out here! You have a… visitor.” You began rushing out the door so your mother wouldn't beat you again. But right now something made you jump for joy, what could it be? When you got down the stairs you slowed your walk. Your mother was sitting on the couch glaring at you. This you tried to ignore. You turned to the newcomer “Hello” You whispered, and then he turned around. It was Edward Elric. “Well look who it is!” he said walking up to you. Without thinking you grabbed onto Ed’s small frame and hugged him tightly, tears fell out of your eyes and onto his back. “___________, are you ok?” He asked worriedly. You nodded then let go of him. “M-Mother? May I-I please, um, leave for a w-while?” You knew asking was the wrong thing to do, anything you asked for would end up in an angry, screaming mother. But strangely she only gave you a glare then agreed. Ed grabbed your arm and took you outside. “So.. you happy to see me?” He asked with a cheeky grin on his face. You nodded but kept silent, the fear of you mother kept you that way. “Why are you so quite ___________?”
“I’m fine Ed…”
“I saw the way your mom looked at you. You know, you can tell me anything. I’m not going to leave you.” Hearing those truthful, caring words made you start crying again. This time you spit out all the abuse your mother had done all these years. How your mother would beat you anytime you saw him, how she would smack you for talking to loud even though you were talking at normal volume. When you finally got done saying what you needed to, Ed grabbed you and pulled you into a hug. “Idiot… Why didn't you just tell me?” Ed asked, even though he knew the answer already. You just buried your face into his shoulder and held onto his metal arm. “It’s ok, ___________...”
“B-But Ed! She never stopped! She s-said I was meaningless and s-shouldn't have been here!” Ed pulled you away to look in your eyes. “___________, I’m here now. You don’t ever have to worry. I’ll find somewhere else for you to live and I’ll arrest your mother for doing such hurtful things to you.” His face showed pure protectiveness for you, and his eyes showed bright love for only you. “Edward… I…I think I love you!” You saying those little words made Ed’s face go a deep red, of course yours was the same. “Me too…” He managed to get out the words that showed he felt the same way to you. Then before you could say anything else Ed pulled you in to a kiss. When you felt Ed’s soft lips pressed against yours you jumped a little but soon melted into the kiss. When you both parted for air Ed took you back to your home. Instead of opening the door, like any normal person would, Ed kicked it down. That’s Ed for you. “I hate to do this, but it seems like you've been a child abuser, I guess I have no other choice then to arrest you.” The look on your mother’s face was priceless, pure confusion. Ed marched right up to her then pulled her along to the nearest station. It’s a good thing you have someone like Ed you will break into your own house then arrest your mother…
Edward is awesome~ I hope you guys enjoy!

I do not own: Fullmetal Alchemist, The cover photo, or you.
I do own: The story.
Ed owns: You

Guys, this story was inspired by my friend whos dad was horrible to her. Don't sit and take it all in, tell someone, don't be quite about it please. this is really meant to be for everyone going through something like this.
help will come but how will they know where to look if your not calling for them?

Thanks :iconfanartfangirl: for grammar-checking!

Edit* oh my gosh! 3,000 views and 130 favs?! THANK YOU!

Edit** Thanks so, so, SO, much! I can not believe that this got so many vies/favs!
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animecrush7 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014
When I read "Instead of opening the door, like any normal person would, Ed kicked it down." Im like obviously he is not a normal person cuz he is amazing like that. 
AngeltheforgottenRO Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry I had to do this ;-;

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Boy: No
Girl: Do u even like me?
Boy: No
Girl: Would u cry if i walked away?
Boy: No
She heard enough and was hurt... She walked away with tears in her eyes
The boy grabbed her arm
Boy: Your not pretty...your beautiful
Boy: I dont want to be with u forever...I need to be with u forever
Boy: I dont like u...I love u
Boy: I wouldn't cry if u walked away......I would die if u walked away.
Boy Whispers: Plz stay with me
Girl: I will...
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Jessleia Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2014  Student Artist
Thank you ed *hugging him* thank you
BanetteLover13 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2014
Thank you, Ed. 
juvialovesgray Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm crying.. 
RyuzakiSusanuma Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2014  Student Artist
take that knob gobbler
ed my herooo Frozen - Elsa Crying Icon 
Chaotic-Kitten2001 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2014  Student General Artist
Yep seems like Ed kicking down the door
FullmetalAndCatLover Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I just realized that I had already read this once and put a comment on it...! Lol I love it! All over again! Lol
FullmetalAndCatLover Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Lol:) I like how he kicked the door down...! Lol
miny-mina Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2014
yay!!! now i really need someone like ed to really take care of MY mom....i mean what
ehehehehe,this was great i loved it ^^'
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